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I would be interested in a quote for landscaping services in Wakefield.  I currently have someone performing this task for me, but have been extremely impressed with the snow removal service that Boston Landscaping has provided us this year.  I would also be interested in discussing the possibility of snow removal at our Chelsea site for next year.  I know I spoke with Steve at the beginning of the snow season and he mentioned the company also performs work in Boston, so would like the opportunity to determine if the Chelsea site is really that much out of the way to service properly.

This has to be the best service I have ever had for snow removal and the staff in Wakefield have definitely noticed the difference.


Jace - Facilities Manager - Wakefield, MA

Removed existing turf, regraded front yard to soften slope, prepared lawn areas for finished grading.  Hand raked grading where needed; added soil amenities and hydro-seeded lawn areas.  Did a soil test, and applied screen loam where needed. Created 2 large planting beds on each side of driveway and 3 small beds along foundation in back and side of house.  Installed 12 shrubs on one side of driveway and vinca ground cover on other.  Planted 5 trees along street sidewalk.  Added weed fabric and mulch to all beds. Installed 7-zone irrigation system, which included piping, valves, wire and spray heads.  Backflow and plumbing to connect system.  Installed controller inside of house. Removed about a 10-foot section of sidewalk leading to street and reformed remaining sidewalk to lead to driveway.

Steve and his team were excellent to work with.  They were prompt, very hard-working, responsive to our questions and concerns, and thorough from start to finish.  Steve’s first visit with us was to discuss what we wanted done.  He listened to us and gave us his recommendations.  He priced out everything separately as we asked and did not give us any problems when we had to cut some items from the list due to the cost.  He worked with us with regards to the price and, although it was still a lot of money, he came down to within the same ballpark as the other landscapers we had price the job.

We chose Steve for the job because he was willing to work with us, we felt he was being honest with us, and we could tell he knew what he was talking about.  He and his team did not disappoint on any level.  They arrived when they said they would, they put in a full day’s work and they cleaned up at the end of each day.  We have had many complements on our much improved curb appeal.

The company he used to install the sprinkler system was excellent as well.  Until the system is running for a bit, you don’t know what kinks may still exist.  Whenever we called, they called back immediately and were out very quickly to check out the problem.  After a few adjustments, the sprinkler system ran perfectly.  They just recently came back to blow out the system for the winter.

After the positive experience we had with Steve and his crew, we decided to have them take care of the property throughout the season and they have done a good job on that as well.  We still have some patchy grass issues but that isn’t through any fault of Steve’s, and he has been working to correct the situation.
We highly recommended Boston Landscaping.

Customer Review

Cleaned out the backyard which suffered years of neglect by prior owner. Weeded and trimmed to provide a fresh start next spring. Also trimmed, mowed, and cleaned up the front, but the front had some prior maintenance. They did a great job. I definitely recommend them!
Customer Review

Steve’s came by my house on Tuesday to go over the hydroseeding project that I needed done in my yard. A large portion of my yard in Somerville has been all dirt for a year and I was hoping to finally have a lawn this summer. Steve’s crew came by on Friday at 8:45am to get the job done. I was so happy that they came earlier than scheduled!! They were prepared and courteous and ready to work! because it gave me the rest of the day to take care of other things I needed to do. Steve’s crew prepped my soil and then began the hydroseeding process. They did a very thorough job and completely covered the lawn without missing any spots. They even sprayed a little extra hydroseed for me on some yellow spots and other small parts that needed some recovery at no extra fee. The price was extremely reasonable and very fair. The work was through, detailed, and they stopped to ask in between seeding to see if I was happy with their work and if there was anything else. I felt like their only customer because the attention and service was so amazing! I’m looking forward to a beautiful and lush lawn and will update my review when it grows:) Thanks so much for the amazing hydroseed and service. I will be hiring you again soon!!
Andrea P - Somerville, MA

In August 2005 to replace our front lawn and provide lawn maintenance services such as spring clean up, lawn mowing and fall cleanups. Boston Landscape has been handling our landscaping needs ever since and they contiue to do an outstanding job. October 2012.
Customer Review

What a transformation!! Boston Landscape took our tired looking front yard and made it into a lovely English garden! Steve understood what our vision was and helped us pick flowers and greens that would compliment each other. The staff worked quickly and confidently and was able to complete the job in just one day! Boston Landscape did an amazing job and we would highly recommend them!
Kelly - Woburn MA

Chad and I want to thank you and all of the guys who made our yard something to brag about!

You took what we thought was an impossible side yard full of dirt, rocks, and major tree root systems and turned it into a beautifully landscaped patio area we can’t wait to get home to each day.  The guys were very neat and courteous while at our house and always kept us informed each step of the way.  When I would come home from work and they were still here you could tell how much they love their job because they were always ready to show us the progress.  You completed everything in within the same time frame and budget that you had estimated when we first spoke which is always a plus. We truly appreciate the creative design and hard work you put into our project without you guys it would still be a pile of dirt!  I personally appreciated that you always answered all my questions and never had a doubt about how nice it would turn out.

We will certainly recommend your team to anyone and everyone we can.

Thank you again for everything!

Kind regards,

Amie and Chad

“Our condominium association contracted with Boston Landscape to put new gravel in our parking area (which was approximate 2,000 square feet) and to landscape our side “yard”. There are 6 people in the condominium and everyone was pleased with the results. It is very difficult to please 6 people. We think Boston Landscape did an excellent job.”
Deacon Larkin Condominum - Woburn MA

Steve came to house and listened! Took notes on what my wife and I had planned and then he started to draw a picture !
Yes, a drawing! He could ‘see’ certain plants here, perennials there, this type of a flow in the new grass, how to draw interest to the
front door without changing anything. This company planned and installed with out questions.

For years, the yard was my joy! I always took time and patience to grow the perennials and different plants. But once we had the masonry work completed it was beyond me. There were stones, dust, the lawn dead in spots, grown like craxy in others. IT WAS A DISASTER!  Boston Landscaping showed up on time with at least 4 guys and all sorts of equipment. Steve reviewed what we wanted and gave the ok. Then it happened! My entire front yard was getting ripped up.  I just stood there and watched – just slowly shakin my head. But when they finished – the sod, the plants, the perennials – the WOW factor came into play. All along Steve kept telling to ‘see’ how everything would look; I just didn’t. Now I stand in front of the house and receive all sorts of compliments. It is unbelievable!  My house has changed completely! Steve came picked up his cheek , shook hands and we both admired the job. I then spoke to him about a couple of saplings.
Somehow a fire truck had to park and drive over the brand new lawn leaving a huge mess. I called Boston asking for assistance what to do. The next day Steve sent down a guy who came with sod and repaired the mess.  A simple phone call did all this!!!!   Yeah, if you think I’m happy with Boston – you guessed correctly !!!!!!!

Customer Review

Removed a whole lot of red cedar mulch, sprayed weed killer, put down landscape paper (weed block at my request), brought 10 cubic yards of chocolate brown mulch & spread it around, trimmed a large Japanese maple to make it more “tree like” instead of the sprawling tangle that was growing.

Steve is a super nice guy to deal with. He arrived for the initial consultation on time and brainstormed with me about what I could expect to get done within my budget. We also talked about ideas for future larger projects. Steve looked at the trees and shrubs on my lot and mentioned that I have a problem brewing that would require remediation by a tree specialist. He also noticed the carpenter ants around the property and advised me to get an exterminator. Steve and his crew arrived on the scheduled day to begin the work. He had asked me to leave 1/2 of the money, which I did. I was so amazed when I returned home from work that evening to see the total transformation in my yard! It looked jaw-droppimgly different and infinitely better than it had when I left for work that morning! I emailed Steve to thank him and he replied that they would be back a few days later to trim the large Japanes maple. To be honest, I didn’t even notice that it wasn’t done. But Steve and his crew came back and finished the job. I am still immensely pleased with yard each time I drive up the road. Now I just need to save a little more money and hire Steve back for a few other projects I would like to tackle! I can’t wait to work with Steve again!

Customer Review

I want to thank Adam and Jiro at Boston Landscape Co. for doing an outstanding job removing the old rocks in the area in front of my home between the walkway and curb. They did this labor intensive work in 90-degree heat and humidity and they did a great job. I highly recommend the landscaping team at Boston Landscape.
Robert D - Woburn MA

“Boston Landscape took what we thought was an impossible side yard full of dirt, rocks, and major tree root systems and turned it into a beautifully landscaped patio area. Everything was completed on time and in budget.”

Thank you again for everything!

Amie and Chad

I’ve used Boston Landscaping several times.  They do a superb job that my husband and I could never obtain no matter how long we
worked on the lawn. For just a hair over $2000 Boston Landscaping did major pruning of the massive trees in our yard, cutting in the
yard (border) our entire lawn front and back, mulching (a lot of mulch) weeding the entire front and back lawn, trimming all the hedgings and hemlocks that line the entire back yard, and general clean up (raking, sweeping).  My yard not only looked twice the size once it’s was done but looked brand new. I’ve since had them back for a basic clean up (trim hedges, weed, and sweep) and it only cost me $265. I couldn’t have been happier with the results.  They have a customer for life.
Customer Review

Removed all of the overgrown bushes in the front yard, landscape design plus installation.

We had massively overgrown bushes that took up over half of the front yard. Steve and his crew came in and removed everything and grinded up the stumps in 1 day. Very impressed with how quickly they worked and how much better the yard looked afterwards. We next worked with Steve’s Landscape designer, Ginny and she came up with a beautiful design. Both Steve and Ginny were able to work with our modest budget and still create a design that we love. We definitely don’t feel that we are missing anything. I got a few estimates on both the shrub removal and landscape installation. Boston Landscape was similarly priced to other (well reviewed) landscapers but he was the only one who responded quickly and seemed very willing to work with our budget; giving us advice on doing the installation in multiple phases, purchasing plants in late summer/early fall. I really appreciated his desire to want to work with us and understanding our budget limitations. Plus his work is beautiful and his crew is exceptionally nice. We will definitely be using him again!

Customer Review

Demo and old cement walkway and rebuild a paver walkway in its place. Build a new paver patio. Move shed and patch lawn where it used to stand. Create a large planting bed. Mulch all planting beds on property.

Steve, the owner, was professional, prompt and attentive from the initial consultation through the last day of work.  He visited the site several times while the work was in progress to personally oversee the job. The heavy rains caused the work to be delayed several times, but Steve always made sure to explain how they would work around it (great communication). The crew for the landscaping and the walkway/patio were all really nice, courteous and cleaned up really well – and they also asked questions to  confirm what was to be done rather than have to fix mistakes after the fact. We’ll likely have more work to do in the spring and Boston Landscaping will be the first ones I call.

Customer Review

Edged the front of house, turned the soil and removed any small debris.  Planted 6 large plants, 7 med plants and about 5 small plants. Mulched all the front… Steve was very responsive to all and any calles/ e mails.  His men were very good and completed the work in short order. The front of the house looks great and have had lots of compliments on his work.
Customer Review

Steve and his crew were incredible.  He was flexible in coming out to give a quote right after I had called inquiring about his service.  After walking the grounds and giving some recommendations we settled on the spring clean up and mulching.  He followed up immediately with a very fair quote for the scope of the work.  His crew came and worked non stop.  They were all polite and worked hard the whole time.  My yard looks the best it has since we bought our house.  I highly recommend Boston Landscape Co for all services.  We have already went ahead and schedule fertilizing as well.  Great service, great price, great people.
Customer Review

“Steve and Boston Landscaping have done several projects for my wife and I.  Recently Steve and his crew turned my muddy, rocky, weed choked yard into a beautiful space where my kids actually want to play.  His complete yard solution utilized every inch of our small yard and created a space where we are no longer ashamed to have guests.  Steve came to our home several times to map out the plans for our yard and was completely accessible throughout the project, which lasted half the time I had envisioned. On a personal note, Steve is so professional and honest, I would hire him if he was the highest bid. Lucky for me he has consistently been the lowest.”
Jim - Lexington MA

I have been using them since May of 2012. This past visit, they cleaned the gutters for me. I wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding performance of Boston Landscape Company.  Their motivation, professionalism, and dedicated effort contribute to the success, and achievement of having a wonderfully landscaped yard. What make them above all others is every worker is not only knowledgeable in their own background, but they have the ability of solving problems, and the care they show towards their customers, always with a smile on their face.  Truly a terrific, talented bunch of guys working together.
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